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Design Practice: Self-Paced Trainings

I have designed in collaboration with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from USA Diving multiple self-paced trainings for the USA Diving Online Learning Academy for coaches, athletes, and parents. These trainings were designed and developed using Articulate Storyline and other video production tools. In designing these trainings, I ensured the following:

  • Developing high-quality instructional materials that do not stereotype, shame or degrade people

  • Use the organization's branding guidelines

  • Remove any barrier for learners to access materials

Example of a Self-Pace Training I Designed

A Parent's Guide To The Beginning Diver

This course is for parents of divers and its expressed purpose is twofold. The first purpose is to teach you how you can best support your child so that he or she has a fun, rewarding, and memorable growth experience participating in the sweet sport of diving. The second purpose is to teach you what you can do for yourself to have a similar fun, rewarding, and memorable experience throughout your child’s participation in diving.

View course HERE

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