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Design Practice: Needs Assessments & Evaluations

Part of my training as a design scholar and practitioner, I have conducted multiple needs assessments and evaluations for organizations that sought to find roots for performance problems or to evaluate their design work.  In conducting needs analyses and evaluations, I ensured the following:

  • Respond to the clients' needs in an ethical and rigorous manner

  • Work in a transparent way to assure all stakeholder about my work methods 

  • Ensure multiple sources of data, and not relying much on anecdotes

  • Use the organization's branding guidelines

  • Speak in the best interests of the organization, as my best ethical judgment demands

Examples of Needs Assessments and Evaluations I Conducted​
  1. The purpose of this needs analysis was to identify reasons behind low participation rates for the Indiana University Faculty Academy on Excellence in Teaching (FACET) programs, by Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) faculty, and to develop recommendations that will increase participation, strengthen the organization’s programs, mission and outcomes, and community of practice. This report describes the project methodology and includes results from the data collection and analysis process using PEST, SWOT, and Force Field analysis methods. Executive Summary (PDF) 

  2. The purpose of this evaluation project is to evaluate the effectiveness of the International—graduate, and undergraduate—Students Online Orientation (ISOO) courses as designed and implemented by the Indiana University Office of International Services (IU OIS). This evaluation focused on these orientation courses from three aspects; the international students’ satisfaction with the online orientation, reaching the learning goals of the online orientation courses, and the instructional design quality of these courses. Executive Summary (PDF)

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